Binge Eating & Weight Challenges

Does food and eating rule your life?
Do you eat sensibly in public but when you are alone your eating is out of control?
You eat eat in secret.
Are you struggling to find an eating pattern that you can stick to long term?
Are you feeling miserable about your body or your weight?
Food is your friend and enemy at the same time
Would you like to finally make peace with food?

It is difficult to deal with a chronic weight problem or disordered eating without appropriate treatment. Treatment starts with transforming your relationship with food.

In my practice I use a weight neutral, non-dieting approach to nutrition counselling.

We will work together to:

  • Gain insight into your eating patterns and food cravings

  • Discover what in your past has contributed to your eating problem

  • Strengthen your emotional resilience without turning to food to relieve stress and unhappiness

  • Manage your constant thoughts about food and weight

  • Get you back to natural appetite regulation and enhance well being

  • Heal your self worth and body image


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