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health Coaching for fertility & polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

How Do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Have you just been diagnosed with PCOS?
  • Are you confused with what to eat when you have PCOS?
  • Are you trying to conceive?

If you’ve said yes to any of these, then our coaching sessions for PCOS and fertility is the approach for you!

Living with PCOS can be frustrating. Your doctor has said to you – “just lose weight” or “ I don’t know if you are able to have a baby”. Those words hit home so you make a promise to clean up your diet and sign up to boot camp to shed the weight. It’s been a difficult journey, you exercise daily and have tried every known diet possible yet you still gain weight no matter how hard you try. Negative thoughts towards yourself and body start to emerge and you feel uncertain about what the future holds for you….. 

We have heard these stories many times before and understand what you are going through! We have a special interest in helping women with PCOS find their unique way with food and body to relieve symptoms such as insulin resistance/inflammation, mood swings, emotional/binge eating and acne.

Our training in PCOS and fertility nutrition combined with eating behaviour coaching will equip you with the necessary tools to thrive and live the life you want.   



How Do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Do you struggle with your bowels?
  • Do you experience symptoms such as – migraines? extreme fatigue? chronic mouth ulcers? skin rashes?

If you’ve said yes to any of these, then the a Low FODMAP Diet or RPAH/FAILSAFE Diet is the approach for you!

It could be that you are sensitive to certain food chemicals and preservatives or to poorly absorbed carbohydrates called FODMAPS. We can help you identify what foods are problematic and how to remove it from your diet without compromising your nutrition.

FODMAP issues tend to produce only stomach and bowel symptoms whilst natural food chemicals can affect the skin (hives, eczema,itchy skin), airways (sinuses, asthma, hay fever), nervous system ( migraines, headaches, mood, fatigue), the entire gut (stomach and bowel, symptoms, reflux, mouth ulcers, nausea).

If your symptoms involve more than just your gut and bowels you may have an intolerance to one or more of the natural food chemicals, food additives or preservatives.

Jenny is experienced in the RPAH (Failsafe) Elimination diet  and Low FODMAP diet having completed further training with Monash University and the Royal Prince Alfred Allergy Clinic. Jenny can guide you through the systematic food challenge process to find your food triggers and then gradually broaden your diet as much as possible.

    The Non-Diet Approach & Intuitive Eating

    How Do I Know It’s Right for Me?

    • Are you feeling unhappy about your body or your weight?
    • Do you feel like you don’t have control around certain foods?
    • Do you feel anxious when eating out because you don’t know what is in the food?
    • Do you find thinking about food is taking most of your mental space?
    • Are you struggling to find an eating pattern that you can stick to long term?
    • Would you like to finally make peace with food?

    If you’ve said yes to any of these, then the Non-Diet Approach to eating is for you!

    The Non-Diet Approach is an evidenced based weight neutral approach to health that is suitable for anyone presenting with:

    • Emotional overeating / compulsive eating
    • Chronic dieting
    • Weight or body image concerns
    • Disordered eating patterns eg. restrictive eating, dieting behaviours, over eating

    The Non-Diet Approach allows you to build skills and confidence in your own ability to select appropriate foods and amounts for your body. The Non-Diet philosophy is one that is weight neutral, assisting an individual to engage in health behaviours regardless of their body weight, shape or size and shifts the focus to wellbeing rather than weight change. It encourages focusing on eating and activity that will make you feel good and and want to continue doing long-term.

    This approach may focus on:

    • Mindful eating skills such as learning to become aware of your hunger and fullness and building trust and acting on your body cues
    • Accepting and embracing all foods by ditching food/diet rules and normalising a natural way of eating
    • Improve dietary quality and increasing food variety
    • Accepting and embracing joyful movement
    • Reframing your values of body weight and shape

    1-on-1 Consultations with mint dietetics


    nitial Consultations

    In your initial consultation your dietitian will complete a detailed assessment of your weight and medical history, eating behaviours and physical activity. An individualised nutrition care plan will be developed, focusing on goal setting and strategies to achieve your nutritional goals.

    Initial Consultation

    $135 Initial Session

    60 min Sessions

    Review Consultations

    In your review consultation session your Dietitian will monitor your progress and continue to provide you with practical advice and ongoing support. Changes may be made to your nutrition care plan to achieve your nutritional goals.

    Frequency of review consultations are determined on an individualised basis. It is recommended for ongoing appointments to be between 1 and 4 weeks apart.

    Review Consultation

    $75 Per Consultation

    30 min Sessions

    Skype Consultations

    Can’t find the time to come into our clinics? No Problem! You can consult with  an expert dietitian from the comfort of your own home.  

    Through the use of webcams you will be able to see and talk to your dietitian just as if you were sitting in our office. Your dietitian will email you any handouts as part of your consultation. To make a Skype appointment please email us at

    $135 Initial Session

    $75 Per Review Consultation


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